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Three package feed semi-automatic feeding machine

Host parameters High speed
Type 150AS
Frequency 50HZ
Use voltage 220V/AC
Motor power 150W
Total power 180W
Feeding distance 8-17m
Feeding area 360㎡
Box capacity 120kg
Feeding amount 500kg/h
Total weight 22kg
Outline dimension 56*56*106cm
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 Use instruction of controller:
 Name:LCD semi-automatic controlling box (adopt for machine type: T120A,T150A,T150AS)
 Instruction of function:
   This style A series semi-automatic LCD controller has three kinds of function:Timing,Appointment,Often-on.At the same time has the function that no material stop within 3 minutes, simple and practical.
 The way of use:
   1. Timing function(regular feed time, it is time to stop):
       Select “Timing” button,confirm feeding time,”HOUR” is hour,”Minute” is minute,push”ON” then begin to work.
   2. Appointment function(After pouring material then timing start to run,finish to feed then stop.)
       Select “Appointment” button ,confirm how long time to start running,”Hour” is hour,”Minute” is minute,push”ON” button then enter readiness,appointment time to start at once.
   3. Often-on function(After pouring material push on ON then start to run,after finishing material then stop.
       Select “Often-on”button ,push “ON“then begin to work,no material stop automatically within 3 minutes.
       Notice:After every kind of function setting must push “ON” button ,than can work,if power off in halfway then on again , only “Often-on” function can continue to work.Other functions must push “ON”then can work.  

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